Private Yoga


Working individually with others is where I get huge inspiration. Learn how to design a home practice and deepen your understanding.  A great way to unleash the astounding therapeutic benefits of yoga.  Nothing beats having hands on adjustments, when your body has that reference the nervous system registers a new pattern. In exchange the body  creates more space, lightness and freedom.

A holistic remedy that you can apply to anything… injuries, post surgery, every day posture (working at the computer, etc.), aches and pains.

Rates $120/90min.

3 @ $330   6 @ $630  9 @ $900


Also available for workshops & group private yoga sessions

“I had previously taken classes from Crystal at a Denver studio, so I when I asked her about private lessons, I already knew she was one of the best teachers in Denver. Almost 2 years of lessons later, I feel so lucky to have such an interesting, talented and genuinely good-hearted yogi as my teacher.  Crystal continuously surprises and challenges me with new ways to think about poses, and she uses her encyclopedic knowledge about yoga and biomechanics to make each session unique.  Thank you, Crystal! ”   –  Lisa Scalpone, VP

“I was looking for an athletic activity that was fun, challenging, and I could do fairly often, but I didn’t think I was the yoga type. Crystal designed a challenging program that taught the fundamentals for advancement. She has an incredible ability to both clearly explain alignment and push her students to maximize the yoga benefits. I now love yoga, both for the exercise and the mind-body element. I can’t thank her enough.”  – Tom S., Attorney

Contact Crystal for further information.

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