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The power of the East is a beginning, the first path, when our transformation begins. The season is Spring, the time of day is sunrise, the color is yellow. We start to see our real life with more clarity and see that there is a higher purpose for our lives and we accept what life is offering. Atuning and connecting with the medicine of the East we can attain enlightenment, wisdom, and spiritual vision. We can also have the light of discernment to be able to do a better integration of our physical reality. The call for purpose becomes stronger, giving us an anchor and a sense of direction. As you see the world changes around you, purpose provides a sense of constancy and continuity.

When something feels right and you can say my path is on purpose. This encourages you to adopt an attitude of service. Asking yourself how can I help? At that moment you have the power to invoke a spiritual vision for your own personal growth and healing for yourself and your immediate family. You are facing the East and the season is Spring, the awakening of a new life from the Winter and the beginning of a new season for planting new seeds and ideas.

The guardian of the East is the Eagle. The one that flies highest of all winged ones and the one that we believe flies closest to the Creator, the messenger of dreams and visions. The vision of the Eagle is like higher consciousness and when we got this vision, we have the ability to know, which is a function of the soul.



The spirit of the South is the second path, the season is Summer, the time of the day is noon, and the color is red. Red represents vitality and the passion of flowing life, the newborn of Spring turns into the fast growing of Summer. The power of the South is the energy that brings us the abundant medicine of love, trust and growth. The South is where we learn how to rise above childish human reactions and all kinds of compulsive, addictive, unhealthy emotions. The journey with the power of the South can be both difficult and wonderful. The Journey is about being very clear about who we are and also being true to ourselves. I think this is at the root of most people’s journeys. Different experiences and crisis propels us toward more clarity and awareness at different times in our lives. There is a Lakota story about Tate, “Wind”.

Tate sent his youngest son, Okaga to create the last direction in the south. It is the direction of the spirit world and the world beyond. From the South came the warm winds that enable Mother Earth to bear her fruits so that she may sustain life. The internal work that you have been doing has paid off and you are about to experience the next level of love, trust, and growth and will now be rewarded with new ideas, new sensabilities, and new vitality. By setting aside old patterns, you have cleared the ground for more love, trust and growth that will be yours and yours. Your determination has led you to this point in your life and it will serve you well in the future. Let this experience reinforce your future growth and change.  The guardian of the South is the Redtail Hawk.


The medicine power of the West is the third path of our transformation. The time of day is sunset, the season is Autumn, the color is black. It is the time for introspection and self-evaluation from which realization and awareness develop. The medicine of the West is that of knowing oneself. In the darkness of solitude and introspection the power of the West is about embracing the dark-side. The foundation for living with harmony and balance in this land-of-the-living-things would not be complete without including a part of life that is easier to ignore, the dark-side. Therefore, we must learn how to heal our bodies, our wounded mind, our past, and our self-esteem. Facing the dark-side is the most challenging, grueling, and also enlightening part of living with harmony in the here and now. The dark night of the soul is both an end and a beginning. Nature works in cycles and darkness is part of nature. Remember, “from the womb of the Winter, Spring is born”. Embracing the darkness is a gateway to growth in a lifelong search for purpose and meaning. The dark-side of experience forces you to ask yourself questions about who you are and how you are living you life. Crises force you to let go of habits, beliefs, and possessions that no longer serve you and to search inwardly for answers, for insight and for truth.

The spirit-keeper of the West is the Bear which like the color black, is also misunderstood. Other spirit-keepers of the West are Raven and the Thunderbeings. Sunset is a good time for spiritual ceremonies when we can communicate with the spirit world. Let the sunset at the end of your day find the time and place to meditate. This is the best time to communicate with Spirit.



The North is the fourth path on the Medicine Wheel. It is the place of winter, of white snow, that reminds us of the white hair of our Elders. It is the downing place of true wisdom. The time of day is midnight, the color is white. We learn how to share the wisdom we have gained as well as how to live with compassion and without judgement. The North is the place to fully open our hearts, the body as temple, the heart as a gateway. You probably have heard the saying, “the body is the temple of the soul, and the heart is the gateway in the temple”. An open heart connects us to our soul, who we are at the truest, most essential level, our passion, our life energy, and our creativity. This open -ness enables us to feel complete and connected with ourselves and with others, and expresses love, compassion, desire, and a strong sense of possability. A closed heart cuts us off from our own vitality and the love of others. The heart is a place of choice, the heart opens and closes, it says yes, I really care, yes, I choose to stay, or it says no, I really don’t want this. The heart choice allows you to commit to maintain and be fully present. The heart gives us permission to embrace and to be embraced.

The power of our mind is phenomenal when we use it with intent, drive and focus, and of course in connection with our hearts. We create everyday, without conscious intent, or purposeful drive, because we live in an environment that is designed to de-focus us. The mind can help evaluate the choice and translate it into action. The will mobilizes the energy of the body to support the choice and move you into action, however, will and mind, while powerful are incomplete without the presence of the heart.

The buffalo “Tatanka” represents the people in the universe and should always be treated with respect. The buffalo, is to the Lakota, the most important of all four-legged animals. The buffalo supplies their food, clothing, and even their houses, which were made from tanned hides. The buffalo teaches honesty, kindness, sharing and courage. It has been told that the buffalo gives all if itself to us, not just the meat, but every part is given to help us live.


In Closing…

There are many gifts that can be discovered as we travel on the Medicine Wheel, such as the gift of fasting, the gift of ceremony, the gift of clear self-knowledge, and the gift of vision. All are important, but the gift of vision is especially important. We often confuse vision with other tools and inner resources, including visualization, intuition, images, beliefs, and fantasies. While these tools and resources may be part of living with vision, vision is more than any one of these alone.

Respectfully Submitted

Jorge “Redtail Hawk” Arenivar

Beautifully said, I just had to share it : ) with love.

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